Monday, July 27, 2015

Vid'o Vancouver

Music: British Columbia by The Elected

If you're looking to gain a Wilderness Explorer badge, I would highly recommend Vancouver for a head start in the finest boy scout trails. With the luxury of having friends from the city, we went further north up of Vancouver and were spared the supposed horror of taking public transport (from what we had heard, at least!) during our time in the city. Though... it wasn't like we were within Vancouver city itself, or did much exploring of the downtown region. We were close to nature at all times, even staying opposite a baseball park and blowing the seeds off all of its daffodils.

If you like to drink water off a stream, learn about native history, marvel at the many shades of mountain blue and start daffodil-destruction wars with a pal, we explored Squamish mountain, beautiful Whistler, and took an accidental 2 hour hike around the Simon Fraser University campus.  If you're very game for extreme sports like mountain biking and kayak down a waterfall (or if you're really just there to check out hot people do thrilling stuff) - head to Whistler and Squamish again.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bridge of Brooklyn

For a coupl'a times now, we've always had to make the awful final-minute decision of dropping of planned items on the itinerary. It is heartbreaking, and I always get that feeling of "now how am I going to tell people I've been to New York, if I haven't seen ________?" Clearly, all the nooks, crannies and crowd favourites of the city can't be seen in a span of 5 days of less. 

I don't know why I had my plans made for visiting the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side - it could be because it is the Brooklyn Bridge after all, but we had wanted to get up the bridge while at the Brooklyn Bridge Park - but while navigating from Coney Island to the heart of Manhattan, we found it possible to visit the bridge after all, just from its opposite end.